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WOAW Bathurst Aerodrome NSW 12 March 2016

WOAW Bathurst Aerodrome NSW 12 March 2016

Our event was hosted by the Bathurst Aero Club and our 2 local flying schools – Central West Flying and WARD Air. We had sponsorship and support from our Avgas supplier, Aerorefuellers, and the Bathurst City Council.

This is our third year running the event and this year 100 girls registered and on the day we flew with 87. The WoAW booking system this year ensured that all the girls could self-book and this generated the timetable for the day, making arrivals orderly and timely, so minimising waiting time for the girls.

We had a reception area in our Club rooms with meet and great girls and registration girls, looking after the documentation. In the waiting area we had information and a PowerPoint presentation running on flying for fun or a career, staffed by girls that are members of the Australian Women Pilots Association.

Our Club also operated a barbecue and sold drinks. Club members set up a static display of various aircraft and provided pilots to show the aircraft and explain their operation.

We had 11 pilots flying with the girls in 8 aircraft and each flight was about 20 minutes in duration, flying over the top of nearby scenic Mount Panorama. Girls ranged in age from 12 to 82. (We have a minimum age limit of 12, helping ensure that girls don’t have issues with seatbelt position and can see out of the aircraft). We flew a mix of Light Sport Aviation and General Aviation Aircraft.

The weather was kind to us and all attendees reported having had a great experience, with several posting on our Facebook page. The media attended, including 2 local TV stations, so we have some more coverage to come.