MARCH 6-12, 2023
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TEI has organized “TEI Women of Aviation Assembly” on March 8th between 13:30-15:30 local time in the extent of Women of Aviation Week.

Our aim was to inform female high school students of Eskisehir about the aviation sector and raise their awareness about the female roles in the sector.

We have worked with Eskisehir Provincial Directorate of National Education for the selection of the female students. We have identified 11 high schools and each school selected the 20 students that would participate in the activity. The 12th school was “Haci Suleyman Cakir Female Anatolian High School” at which the activity took place. Since they hosted the activity, all 200 female students of the school were invited to the “TEI Women of Aviation Assembly”. In total approximately 400 students were present for the activity.

In the extent of “TEI Women of Aviation Assembly”, we have invited women leaders of aviation sector as speakers. While identifying and inviting the speakers, we tried to cover a wide range of areas in aviation sector, in order to have different role models for the students. In the end we covered C-Level management, Military (Air Force Pilot), Academia, Industry and Media. GE Turkey CEO & Presedent Canan M. Özsoy, First Lieutenant Fatma Oz – Turkish Air Force, Assist. Prof. Nilay Sezer Uzol -METU Aerospace Engineering Department, TEI NDT and Special Process Quality Manager Buket Topel and MSI Turkish Defence Review Magazine General Coordinator Naile Bayraktar were our speakers and they shared their experiences about being a woman in aviation sector. They inspired the students with their speeches about the sector.

The activity was very fruitful; the students were very impressed about the success stories of our speakers. Their teachers on one hand expressed their gratitude for this activity, and on the other hand requested us to repeat this activity again since a limited number of students could participated in the activity and they wanted to have their remaining students benefit from this valuable activity.

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