MARCH 6-12, 2023
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TEI, Source of Power, Facility Tour

TEI, Source of Power, Facility Tour

In the extent of Women of Aviation Week (WOAW2016), as the last step of “TEI Women of Aviation Assembly” Activities on March 8th, we conducted “TEI, Source of Power, Facility Tour” between 16:00-17:30 local time.

We have worked with Eskisehir Provincial Directorate of National Education for the selection of the female students. We have identified 11 high schools and each school selected the approximately 20 students that would participate in the activity. In total almost 200 female students were present for the activity.
We welcomed female high school students at TEI facility in order to raise their awareness about the aviation sector. A shop tour was given to the students during which they had the chance to get answers to their questions and to see the working environment of an aviation sector factory.

The activity was very fruitful; the students were very impressed about TEI facilities. They have met female TEI employees who are working as engineers, specialists and CNC machine operators and found chance to ask questions in their mind. After the shop tour the students have been presented gift boxes that contain TEI promotional materials. Their teachers, on one hand expressed their gratitude for this activity, and on the other hand requested us to repeat this activity again since a limited number of students could participate in the activity and they wanted to have their remaining students benefit from this valuable activity. At the end of the organization the family photo has been taken in the memory of “TEI Women of Aviation Assembly”.

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