MARCH 6-12, 2023
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Prince George Airport Mascot Launch Promotes Women Of Aviation

Prince George Airport Mascot Launch Promotes Women Of Aviation

A school wide assembly style event was held at Blackburn Elementary. We chose this school because of its proximity to the airport.

Once all students/staff of the school were in the gym we held the assembly, where Prince George Airport CEO John Gibson emceed the event. A number of “women of aviation” from the Prince George Airport were also in attendance. Majority of the managerial positions at the airport (airlines, G4S/CATSA, fuellers) are held by women, so we celebrated them too.

We had a number of guest speakers address the children:

  • President of the “Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide”, Mireille Goyer read a message from the Governor General and educated the crowd with facts on how the number of women in the aviation industry has slightly increased since 1980.
  • Air Canada Service Director, Corrine Gibson, shared her story and journey of 40 years in aviation.
  • Pilot in Training, Mackenzie Kerr, talked about her journey in aviation and her family’s history with the industry. Mackenzie is currently in flight school and encouraged all the females in the room to consider the aviation sector as a career.
  • Students were given a custom colouring book featuring Amelia, the mascot. Not only is it a fun colouring book, but it is an educational piece as the book walks children through the process of traveling; from checking in at the airport to getting on the plane.
  • Amelia Bearheart was introduced and she made her way through the crowds high flying the children. She also stood by the doors so on the way out every child had an opportunity to say hello. Amelia gave out lots of hugs and high fives.