MARCH 6-12, 2023
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Livermore Airport’s Women of Aviation Event

Livermore Airport’s Women of Aviation Event

I would like to add my thank you and appreciation to all of you most wonderful and generous people. I have said it many times, and truly believe that LVK is the best airport in NorCal, probably even SoCal, maybe even the whole country! There is a fantastic sense of community here. If you need a helping hand, you will always find one here. There were many happy, smiling faces, despite the bad weather for WOAW last Friday. Many people told me how thrilled they were to go inside an airplane, even if only to taxi around a bit. Everyone was impressed with the Tower staff. They loved seeing what a Controller does. Many are looking forward to coming back for a flight on a nicer day. You should be proud….you inspired many girls and families this day. Your enthusiasm and love of aviation was evident. As they say, it only takes one spark to light a fire. You were definitely that spark on Friday! We had 58 girls registered. There were 9 “no shows”, but we had at least 12 walk-ins. We are estimating that between 60-65 girls, plus the many family members that came along as well, participated on Friday. I would like to share some of the comments I received back from the girls and/or their parents.

“Thank you from our Family. We had a ball. The whole family enjoyed themselves tremendously. We will begin the thought process of pursuing a flying license. The pro’s outweighed the con’s. Thank you again. See you in October.”

“Thank you for all you did to make the Women of Aviation event happen. My daughters had a great time and came away from the event with a new perspective on aviation, especially general aviation. They loved the flight, and continue to talk about it. Several of their friends have said that they will be watching for the event next year.”

“Never did we expect to have this much fun.” To think we almost passed because of the rain”.

“I have met so many inspirational women.” I want to volunteer to work with Carolina. Tell her I would love to follow her around and be her gopher”.

“These women are awesome!”

“I loved the tower tour”!

“I wish I could have spent more time looking at the airplanes, but it was raining too much”.

“Those were really good hot dogs, where did you get them? Thank you so much for a great day”.

“Can we do it again next year?”

“The event was very well organized. You did a great job! Thank you for doing this”.