MARCH 6-12, 2023
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Karain Aviation Camp

Karain Aviation Camp

Within the scope of the activities of the “Women of Aviation Worldwide Week,” an Aviation Camp was initiated for female students in Karain Aviation Training Center by Turkish Aeronautical Association in order to spark women’s interest in and generate their passion for aviation and to encourage them towards pilot training.

An introductory course of free-style model planes were launched in the aviation camp for female students of Akdeniz University. Information on wings and their aerodynamic structures and basic flight knowledge were provided in detail for female students who put together model plane parts in an attentive and careful fashion.

The young women in Karain Aviation Camp were given a training on R/C Model Plane Simulator Flight and they were elaborately briefed on the take-off, flight and landing procedures using an applied method.

They were also provided with information about Wilga and Antanov planes that are out of use in Karain Aviation Training Center, and they closely examined the planes in the Hangar of Remote Controlled Model Planes.