MARCH 6-12, 2023
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Conversation with a female para-glider and a female parachute jumper

Conversation with a female para-glider and a female parachute jumper

Within the scope Women of Aviation Worldwide (WOAW) Week activities, Turkish Aeronautical Association, Can EREL in mentor and Antalya Directorate of National Education organized a talk given by Skydiving Pilot Pınar Meral ÇELİKİN and Paragliding Pilot Gülşah ASMALI for Genç Kanat (Young Wing) Society, somprised of 20 female students.

Meral ÇELİKİN talked about why she chose aviation, her efforts in this path, the happiness and excitement of dropping oneself down from the sky, and her feelings during the flights. She also mentioned her accomplishments in various competitions, including her championships in Turkey. She expressed that women can attain great success as long as they have motivation and determination, and that they should never give up on aviation.

Then, Paragliding Pilot Gülşah ASMALI took the stage to explain what made her start paragliding, why she chose this job, and how the support from people helped her through the stages which she went. She mentioned that the happiness coming from the prizes which she was granted in the competitions was unspeakable and everyone should experience that.

Finally, both Meral ÇELİKİN and Gülşah ASMALI, who have proven themselves in different fields of aviation by demonstrating that the women are present in this sector, underlined that their passion for aviation will never end, and that women should do their best for aviation.