MARCH 4-10, 2024
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Most Productive Organizer Worldwide Award

Lachute Fly It Forward Award

Awarded to the organizer who hosts a registered WOAW activity welcoming more than 100 girls of all ages and collects the most organizer points. In the case of equal point levels, the organizer with the highest average review rating will win.

Available to organizers of events that include Fly It Forward® flights and events that do not.



  • Organizer must be an active WOAW subscriber on the reporting deadline.
  • Activity/event must be registered at least 7 days before the beginning of the Week.
  • All introductory flights (if any) must be conducted in aircraft with maximum 6 seats.
  • Applicable reports must be submitted before the reporting deadline.


How to enter

  1. Download the WOAW Event Planning Guide.
  2. Organize and conduct the activity / event within the WOAW Guidelines.
  3. Register activity/event.
  4. Complete and document each task yielding organizer points
  5. Submit an event report before the reporting deadline.


2024 Winner(s)


Legal Notices

  • The Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide is not responsible for any application, however submitted, which is not received.
  • Tax liability, if any, will be the sole responsibility of the recipient.
  • Minors (as determined by their jurisdiction of residence) may not participate or be awarded a prize without the consent of a parent or guardian.
  • Scholarships will be deposited on the recipient’s account at the school of her choice. The school must be registered as a business.