MARCH 7-13, 2022
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Most Female Friendly Aviation Community Worldwide Award

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Community (city or unincorporated group) that organizes at least one registered WOAW activity within its geographic limits and generates the highest level of engagement among its constituents (percentage of constituents – girls discovering aviation or volunteers – who complete a valid applicable report) for the Week.


  • Community (city or unincorporated group) is the activity / event organizer or principal sponsor and an active WOAW subscriber on the reporting deadline
  • Activity / event must be registered at least 7 days before the beginning of the Week
  • At least 100 related reports (organizer, volunteers, girls) must be submitted before the reporting deadline.

How to enter

  1. Download the WOAW Event Organizer Guide.
  2. Organize and conduct the activity / event within the WOAW Guidelines.
  3. Register activity / event (at least one conducted in the community facilities).
  4. Ask constituents who participate in the event and/or support other WOAW events in the area to report their experience.
  5. Submit an event report before the reporting deadline.

2022 Winner(s)

TBA on March 31, 2022