MARCH 3-9, 2025
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Most Female Friendly Airport Worldwide Award

Fly It Forward® Challenge award ceremony

Awarded to the eligible airport hosting at least one registered WOAW activity that generates the highest number of valid female Fly It Forward® flight reports for the Week.



  • Organizing committee must hold an active WOAW subscription.
  • Activity/event must be registered at least one week before the beginning of the Week.
  • At least 100 introductory flights must be conducted in aircraft with maximum 6 seats.
  • At least 100 related reports (organizer, volunteers, girls) must be submitted before the reporting deadline.


How to enter

  1. Download the WOAW Event Planning Guide.
  2. Organize and conduct the activity / event within the WOAW Guidelines.
  3. Register activity/event.
  4. Complete and document each flight.
  5. Submit an event report before the reporting deadline.


2024 Winner(s)


Legal Notices

  • The Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide is not responsible for any application, however submitted, which is not received.
  • Tax liability, if any, will be the sole responsibility of the recipient.
  • Minors (as determined by their jurisdiction of residence) may not participate or be awarded a prize without the consent of a parent or guardian.
  • Scholarships will be deposited on the recipient’s account at the school of her choice. The school must be registered as a business.
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