MARCH 7-13, 2022
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Most Dedicated Female Pilot Worldwide Award

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Fly It Forward Award Gail

Registered female pilot who conducts the most reported flights (number of girls reporting divided by number of passenger seats) during the Week.


  • Pilot is an active WOAW subscriber
  • Pilot is properly licensed by the appropriate overseeing authority for the aircraft used (balloon, glider, ultra-light, airplane, helicopter, etc.)
  • Pilot is properly rated and legal to carry passengers
  • Aircraft is certified for maximum 6 seats and properly insured
  • Flight is conducted in visual and wind calm conditions using only normal maneuvers
  • Girls have not previously flown in a small aircraft (airline is OK)
  • Applicable reports must be submitted before the reporting deadline

How to enter

  1. Safely conduct at least 10 introductory flights (at an event or outside an event).
  2. Take photos of the your female passengers.
  3. Ask your female passengers to report their experience.
  4. Submit a pilot report before the reporting deadline.

2022 Winner(s)

TBA on March 31, 2022

Past Winners

2020 – Nikki King, New Zealand

2019 – Sherry Collen, USA

2018 – Dianna Stanger, USA

2017 – Dianna Stanger, USA

2016 – Dianna Stanger, USA

2015 – Dianna Stanger, USA

2014 – Dianna Stanger, USA

2013 – Kirsten Brazier, Canada

2012 – Kirsten Brazier, Canada

2011 – Dianna Stanger, USA

2010 – Amanda Sargent, USA