MARCH 8-14, 2021
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Fly It Forward® Scholarship – Organizer who suffered a Covid-related job loss

Fly It Forward® scholarships reward women who start training without delays after participating in Women Of Aviation Week.

This scholarship is worth up to 25% of the sum raised in the 2021 Fly It Forward® fundraising campaign by March 18, 2021. The maximum value is 100% of the training program cost.

Our Covid-related Fly It Forward® Scholarship reward the female WOAW Event Organizer who

  • lost her aviation job due to Covid,
  • is planning to enroll in a training program to remain in the aerospace industry, and
  • introduces the most women and girls to aviation during the Week.

All scholarships must be claimed within 12 months of the relevant Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week. Funds will be deposited in the winners accounts at school of their choice.