MARCH 6-12, 2023
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Setting world records to raise awareness

Setting world records to raise awareness

Because large and irrefutable numbers raise awareness, we are once again aiming to establish several Guinness World Records during #WOAW18. One attempt for most videos online to celebrate an event will document the many ways we celebrate Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week across the globe. The other, an attempt for most pink paper planes launched simultaneously in multiple venues will demonstrate our ability to unite across borders around a common cause.

Guinness World Record – Largest online celebration video competition

video 2015

Every year, girls of all ages, volunteers, organizers turn on their video cameras to capture the most amazing moments of the Week and, every year, we offer prizes to the author of the “Video of the Week” and the competition’s finalists.

In 2018, we will attempt to set a Guinness World Record for most videos celebrating an event! We need at least 10,000 individual videos to establish a new world record.

We hope that every girl, every volunteer, every organizer will participate (one entry per participant). Together, we will create a amazing live collage of WOAW videos that will inspire the world!

Here is what you need to do to contribute to this Guinness World Record attempt:

  • Register on the Week’s website (free)
  • Create a video (min. 90s / max. 3 min) to show how you celebrate the Week (an event, a Pink Paper Plane launch, a Fly It Forward flight, a visit, an entry in the WOAW Hunt challenge, etc.)
  • Include your video in your activity report (girl, pilot, support, organizer) before March 14, 2018

Turn on your smart phone camera. Show the world how you celebrate Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week!

Guinness World Record – Most Paper Planes Launched Simultaneously

Pink Paper Plane Day at AOPAWe needed 12,700 Pink Paper Planes launched simultaneously under the Guinness World Records rules to set a new record on March 8, 2017. With only 10,673 Pink Paper Planes launched on that day, we fell short. So we are trying again!

On March 8, 2018, Join corporations like Airbus and L3 and institutions like Wichita State University and Aviacion de Filipinas, Inc and help set a new Guinness World Record while raising awareness.

The rules are strict but pretty straight forward:

  • Register your planned event in our website
  • Ask participants to download, print, and fold a Pink Paper Plane
  • Provide a ticket to each participant for accountability purposes
  • Recruit independent witnesses
  • Install video cameras to monitor all parts of the secured area (no cut or editing)
  • Collect and save the tickets from each participant as they enter the secured area
  • At the proper time for your location, launch the Pink Paper Planes (keep the video cameras rolling and take lots of photos) and count how many Pink Paper Planes flew at the same time
  • Submit all the required proofs by reporting your event

Participating is a great way to get media attention, a cool corporate team building activity, and an effective way to raise awareness.

Complete details to participate are included in WOAW’s Activity Organizer Kit.