MARCH 6-12, 2023
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Inspiring Today’s Generation for Tomorrow’s Aviation Industry

Inspiring Today’s Generation for Tomorrow’s Aviation Industry

After the successful launching and pre-celebration on Women of Aviation Worldwide on 28 December 2017, Aviacion de Filipinas hosted another Pink Paper Plane Activity in Manila, Philippines on 08 March 2018 (International Women’s Day). This time, Pink Paper Planes were able to take off where Engineering & Business Administration Students from one of the leading universities in the country, joined to raise awareness in promoting women’s contributions in the air and space industry:

1415H Check-In (Assembly & Opening Remarks)
1430H Pre-flight Check & Flight Safety Briefing
1440H Departure
1445H Arrival, Immigration, Baggage Claim (Awarding of prizes for 3 Pink Paper Planes with farthest distance flown)

Having in mind that the hangar doors and skies are open to women, it was empowering that two (2) female Engineering students who joined out of the 14 participants, won prizes for their pink paper planes flown with the farthest distance. It was also inspiring to see the excitement of these young women when they received their “Remove before flight” keychains, and expressed their interest in joining the aviation industry after graduation.

Aviacion de Filipinas, a newly launched training and consultancy services company in the Philippines, is focused in developing people in becoming passionate leaders, inventors, and engineers who will help build a sustainable and safe future in the field of aviation. Forty-three percent of its employees or team members are women, as the company aspires to translate into concrete action how we can inspire today’s generation of women to do their share in preparing for tomorrow’s aviation industry.