MARCH 6-12, 2023
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Blue Skys Prevail for Sucessful Fly it Forward

Blue Skys Prevail for Sucessful Fly it Forward

It is always a great day when we get to take to the skies as PIC in South Louisiana. Its so much sweeter when we can share someone else’s first flight experience. Our Fly It Forward event has grown over the years with attendees and volunteers.

The ominus weather forecast for Saturday, prompted more than a dozen early flights on Friday for girls from three Fifth Ward, Sixth Ward and Central Middle Schools.

Then come Saturday morning with blue skies and eager participants started arriving 90 minutes before check-in was slated to begin.. Over the course of the two days 11 pilots flew 110 girls.

Organizing the Girls – Fly it Forward – Louisiana Regional Airport leaves one feeling so joyful when you recall the smiles on the participants faces; and excited for the potential that these flight have for empowering girls to know that they can do anything and go anywhere there dreams take them.

Volunteer pilots, Ninety-Nines, EAA members, family and friends bring their “A Game” to make this event so special.
Their dedication is unwavering and greatly appreciated.