MARCH 6-12, 2023
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Win one of five copies X-Plane 11, the world’s most advanced desktop flight simulator, during #WOAW20

Win one of five copies X-Plane 11, the world’s most advanced desktop flight simulator, during #WOAW20

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X-Plane 11 is the world’s most comprehensive and powerful flight simulator for personal computers, and it offers the most realistic flight model available. It is not a game, but an engineering tool that can be used to predict the flying qualities of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft with incredible accuracy. X-Plane 11 includes 19 aircraft in the default installation, spanning the aviation industry and its history. The full scenery package covers the Earth in stunning resolution from 74° north to 60° south latitude and includes over 34,000 airports.

X-Plane 11 comes bundled with Plane Maker, software used to design and edit aircraft for the simulator, and World Editor, software used to create custom airports or custom scenery for the budding aerospace engineers and airport developers.

Laminar Research, one of iWOAW’s Corporate Allies, is providing five copies of its acclaimed X-Plane 11 flight simulator to support the advancement of women during the upcoming Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, March 2-8.

Two copies will help pilots who Fly It Forward® during the Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week expand their flying skills. To become eligible, pilots must document introducing at least 11 (for 11 decades of female pilots) to flight in a small aircraft during the Week, March 2-8, 2020.

Three additional copies will support the flight training of women who take iWOAW’s Second Step Challenge. The first three women to document completing 5 hours of flight training after discovering flight on a small aircraft (any type but less than 6 seats) during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week will each receive a copy of X-Plane 11 .

Women who decide to learn to fly after going on a Fly It Forward® flight in 2020 may also be eligible to win a $10,000 flight training scholarship and a VIP visit of a CAE Flight Training Center thanks to CAE‘s support.