MARCH 6-12, 2023
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It pays to WOAW

It pays to WOAW

To Fly It Forward® each year during WOAW yields its own rewards. Knowing that each WOAW action is transforming lives and bringing us closer to a gender-balanced air and space industry is priceless.

But since the inception of Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week 10 years ago, iWOAW and its allies have worked tirelessly to reward each reported good deed – during WOAW (March 2-8 in 2020) and throughout the rest of the year.

WOAW Points

Your WOAW Points. Your chosen rewards.

Just logging in the WOAW website to check out the latest news, exchange with friends, and help newcomers yields WOAW Points redeemable as a partial or full payment for products and subscriptions in WOAW’s store.

Accumulating WOAW Points is easy for anyone registered on WOAW’s website, as long as they remain active members of the community. But there are activities that pay off faster than others.

Take for example the personal referral link located at the top of WOAW Points tab of WOAW subscriber profile. Anytime someone who uses this link to visit the website decides to subscribe, the referral link owner receives 15 to 60 WOAW Points depending on the owner’s subscriber level. With as little as 100 referrals (girls, volunteers, friends, etc.), the referral link owner is credited up to 6,000 WOAW Points, enough to get a free WOAW t-shirt, a WOAW Event Kit, or 40% off a WOAW Organizer subscription.

Other ways to quickly accumulate WOAW Points is o participate in WOAW Challenges as a WOAW subscriber. Registering a WOAW event then reporting its outcome by the deadline can yield up to 3,000 WOAW Points. Submitting entries in the Inspiration or Pink Paper Plane media challenges can deliver up to 4,000 WOAW Points.

Redeeming WOAW Points is straight forward. Simply shop. In the last step of the checkout process, you will see an option to use a portion or all your WOAW Points to pay for the order – if you are logged in.

You can also use your WOAW Points to make a donation to the Fly It Forward Scholarship® fund.

925 Sterling Silver Fly It Forward® Pendant
925 Sterling Silver Fly It Forward® Pendant

WOAW Prizes

Every year, iWOAW rewards individuals who participate in WOAW Challenges. There are prizes for the women and girls who discover aviation as part of WOAW, the aviation enthusiasts and professionals who introduce them to the multiple facets of our industry, and anyone else who wishes to celebrate WOAW.

The attribution criteria vary but anyone who wants to become eligible to win must subscribe on the WOAW website as a prerequisite.

Fly It Forward® Scholarships

Candy of Hong Kong wins First to Solo Challenge
Candy and flight instructor, Brett

WOAW sparks aviation vocations. Fly It Forward® Scholarships motivates their timely implementation.

While most industry scholarships reward application skills, Fly It Forward® Scholarships reward decisive action. To win them, women and girls who report discovering aviation as part of WOAW must start training without delays.

The first woman to report achieving the set training criteria (solo flight for flight training scholarship, completing the first semester of an eligible technical school, etc.) wins!

Verified Women Friendly Label

iWOAW Verified Women Friendly 2020 e1559183961134
Always look for the iWOAW Verified Women Friendly Label on the website of organizations you want to join or do business with.

It has become fashionable to claim to be a women-friendly organization in media networks – regardless of actual track record.

To ensure that women and girls have the best chances to succeed when they choose aviation, iWOAW has developed basic criteria to verify the actual women friendliness of for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

It takes more than affirming support for women to be a iWOAW Verified Women Friendly Label recipient, it takes demonstrating a pro-women corporate culture and public recognition of women’s historical milestones.

Women friendly organizations are usually proud of their record and eager to apply for the iWOAW Verified Women Friendly Label.

Global Fly It Forward® Awards

Every year since 2010, individuals and groups participating in the Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week celebrations contribute to its success in significant ways.

Fly It Forward® Awards acknowledge their distinguished efforts. All award winners receive trophies and/or plaques and global recognition for their involvement.

To compete for Fly It Forward® Awards, participants must be registered in this website, hold a WOAW Mentor community level or better, and document their participation according to specifications before the reporting deadline.

Fly It Forward® Awards are attributed to communities/groups and individuals in various categories.

Groups may compete for the Most Female Friendly Airport Worldwide Award, the Most Female Friendly Aviation Corporation Worldwide Award, and the Most Female Friendly Association Worldwide Award.

Individuals may compete for the Most Productive Organizer Worldwide and/or the Most Acclaimed Organizer Worldwide Awards for WOAW events with or without Fly It Forward® flights while pilots may compete for the Most Dedicated Female Pilot Worldwide or Most Supportive Male Pilot Worldwide Awards.