MARCH 7-13, 2022
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WOAW Inspiration Challenge

WOAW Inspiration Challenge

2012 art winner

Raise awareness. Inspire others.

To get a chance to win our Best WOAW Artist, WOAW Photographer, or WOAW Videographer of the Week Award. Upload your artwork, photo or share your YouTube video. Our jury will select a winner among the top 10 most viewed entries for each category and age group. Each winner receive a plaque.

2022 Inspiration Theme

Dreams of flight

How to participate 250+ WOAW Points

  1. Register in this website,
  2. Create artwork, take a photo, or produce a video showing how women power aviation during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week,
  3. Upload your work and/or share your YouTube video link, then
  4. Encourage your friends to visit this website to view your entry,

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Entries are only accepted from March 7 to March 17, 2022.. One entry per category per registered WOAWie.

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