MARCH 7-13, 2022
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Pink Paper Plane Photo Challenge

Pink Paper Plane Photo Challenge

Help set a World Record for Most Photos of People with Pink Paper Planes on March 8, 2022, anniversary date of the world’s first female pilot licence.

How to participate 250+ WOAW Points
  1. Register in this website,
  2. Download the official Pink Paper Plane template and build the paper plane,
  3. Take a photo of yourself or your friends with the Pink Paper Planes,
  4. Upload your photo of a “Person with a Pink Paper Plane” or “People with Pink Paper Planes” taken anytime on March 8, 2022, local time, below,
  5. Share it on social media with hashtags #WOAW22 and
  6. Challenge your friends to do the same.

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No Pink Paper Plane photos yet. Posting opens on March 7, 2022.

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