MARCH 3-9, 2025
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Lachute Canada

Remember the legacy. Celebrate the achievements. Shape the future.

One community at a time. Worldwide.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, regardless of gender, race, or affiliation can organize a WOAW activity or event. WOAW is not country or group specific. Small or large, each activity makes a difference.

Put your group or community on the map of locations who celebrate the formal entry of women in the air and space industry and work to change the face of aviation in a tangible manner.

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week brings forth a specific opportunity for all actors of the air and space industry (individuals, businesses, organizations, training centers, flying clubs, government departments, etc.) to celebrate past and current Women Of Aviation’s contributions to the industry while welcoming the next generation of Women Of Aviation with open arms.

The format of activities is entirely up to the organizer and not supervised by iWOAW. However, whether or not they include Fly It Forward® flights, activities organized within the spirit of the celebration of Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week must include the following key elements:

  • Held during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week,
  • All planned attractions are female-centric and designed to make women and girls feel welcomed, valued, and qualified to participate in any sector of the air and space industry, and
  • Females constitute the majority of guests (for outreach events only).

Outside of these basic guidelines, let your imagination soar. You know your local community, your local customs, your local infrastructure, and your local limitations better than anyone else, find a way to create an interesting and exciting event that will be beneficial to your community and empower girls of all ages.

Attraction ideas

  • Fly It Forward® Flights
  • Interactive Aircraft Display
  • Aerospace factory & Control Tower Tours
  • Aircraft building activities
  • Preflight quiz contest

There are no requirements to join to celebrate.

However, individuals, organizers, and organizations who register receive unique benefits:

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