MARCH 4-10, 2024
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Bathurst Australia

Fly It Forward® flights spark aviation vocations

One flight at a time. Worldwide.

Fly It Forward® flights take place during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week to celebrate the world’s first female pilot licence. They are offered exclusively to women and girls of any age who have no prior exposure to flight in a small aircraft (prior airline flights are OK).

Any properly rated and insured pilot operating any type of aircraft certificated for maximum 6 seats can participate – independently or at a local event.

Fly It Forward® flights give girls of all ages a chance to win prizes and scholarships and to pilots, a chance to win awards and prizes, if we receive eligible reports by the reporting deadline, March 16, 2023, midnight, local time.


Fly It Forward® flights are conducted during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week by male or female pilots who

  • Are properly licensed by the appropriate overseeing authority for the aircraft used (balloon, glider, ultra-light, airplane, helicopter, etc.),
  • Are properly rated and legal to carry passengers,
  • Operate a properly insured aircraft certified for maximum 6 seats,
  • Conduct the flight in visual and wind calm conditions using only normal maneuvers.

Fly It Forward® flight reports

Reports require basic personal, location, flight and aircraft info, and “proof”. Pilots must provide the following data to the recipients of Fly It Forward flights to allow them to complete a valid report:

  • Your first and last name
  • The airport name
  • Your aircraft make and model
  • A signed statement or a photo with you in or near the aircraft