MARCH 3-9, 2025
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Turning sparks into life-long passions

Solo day (left to right) Lindsay, and her instructor, Sandra
Lindsay (left), Winnipeg, Canada, won the first Fly it Forward® scholarship in 2013

Nearly 78% of the women and girls who attend local WOAW outreach events report that the experience is life-changing. iWOAW’s Second Step Challenge motivates participants to take the next step towards joining the industry, without further delays.

Opened to women who discovered aviation as part of the WOAW celebration and are old enough to start training, the Second Step Challenge reward the candidates who are the first to achieve specific training milestones with prizes or Fly It Forward® scholarships.

To become eligible for the challenge’s prizes or Fly It Forward® scholarships, women:

  • Must be old enough to start training in their geographical location (no maximum age)
  • Have no prior exposure to aviation activities before this year’s Women Of Aviation Week
  • Go on a free or paid eligible discovery experience during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week
  • Register on this website as a WOAW Fan or better
  • Report their discovery experience by March 13, 2025, midnight. local time.

Criteria for winning depends on the specific prize or Fly It Forward® scholarship.

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