MARCH 6-12, 2023
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Boeing Dreamliner grounding allows girls in India to soar

Boeing Dreamliner grounding allows girls in India to soar

When things don’t go your way and you get grounded, what do you do? Do you sit around and feel sorry for yourself or do you look for a different way to soar?

Dreamliner pilot, Nivedita Bhasin, was grounded a few weeks ago when the airplane experienced technical issues. That led her to devise a plan to soar even higher that the airplane can fly and take her entire community along with her. Read her inspiring story in her own words.

Dreams did came true for Nivedita
Captain Bhasin in the Dreamliner cockpit

A few years back, I noticed the celebrations of Women of Aviation Worldwide Week on the internet. It stuck in my memory and I have wanted to be a part of these events, ever since, which is almost 3 years back.

I became the Governor of the India Section in 2011 and I have always dreamed on doing something big and meaningful for Aviation Education, which is really dear to my heart.

For more than 25 years, I have been spreading Aviation Awareness by going to Schools, talking to the children about flying, showing them the ATC as well as visits to the Flying Schools. That was when my kids too were in school and we all enjoyed these escapades.

aeromodelingMy Husband and I both are B787 Captains, in Air India and my son, an F/O on B777 in Air India and daughter has joined IndiGo, a private Airline-A320.

While I was at home one day, not flying (since the Dreamliners are presently grounded), the thought of reviving the India Section of the Ninety-Nines occurred to me. Almost at the same time, I saw your website, too. This was my golden opportunity.

controlInitially, I had thought that we could get Air India to take part and log all the flights under “Women Colour the Skies”. I had never imagined that we would be able to organize SEVEN FULL days of events. One thing led to another. It was like a dream unfolding. I walked in to offices and explained our theme as an outreach program of “taking Aviation to the masses” and our message is for girls to “spread their Wings”.

delhiflyingA childhood friend of mine, a doctor by profession, who is associated with many nonprofit organizations, suggested that we could provide this unique opportunity to the underprivileged girls and for them it would be an experience of a life time to cherish and remember.

Another woman Pilot friend (since 35 yrs) is helping organizing the events & with sponsors and the kids.

My own Rotary club has come forward to provide transport, food and water for the events.

balloonThe Ballooning Club is providing free rides, the Aero Club has helped with Colouring books and crayons, the ATC is giving a tour and snacks to the kids and my own kids, their friends and my nephew will be organizing the band (Half Step Down is the name of the band) at the closing ceremony.

We are not taking any money from any person or organization and everything is contributory.

I feel so privileged that my friends and associates of many years are coming forward to help and contribute in every way possible to make the dream come true.